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28 years' of experience

What my clients say...



“Having run my own successful marketing business now for many years, I came across John and thought I would give him a try. I was sceptical at first, but boy oh boy… my first reading was so accurate it was quite scary. John told me things that no one else knew about, and in his first sentence he made me sit up and listen. I found myself scribbling pages of insight notes whilst John was in connection with spirit. Only a week had passed by and all what John had told me started to come true.. point by point! John has unbelievable talents and he does connect with spirit & those who want to help us. Im not a gambling person… but I would bet anyone that they will be astounded by his readings."
Deborah Lee Lillis
Lethal Marketing Agency, Manchester

"I have been working with John for some time now. I'm quite a shy person but I must admit John makes me feel at ease. We have a very honest relationship which really helps. When i first worked with him I was unemployed, but now hold down a 30 hour a week job. I feel a lot happier and John makes me realize that I can get anything I want in life. Here's to the future."
Essex, UK

"Amazing readings from John, you so have got to get a reading from him!! I swear he will blow you away!! I've been getting amazingly accurate readings from John for nearly 8 years now. If ever I've have a crisis I give him a call. I wouldn't go anywhere else for my readings as he's so accurate, right down to names and dates. Well worth the money and thanks to his psychic insights, I have steered clear from some very damaging situations both emotionally and in business and always look forward to my future after listening to what there is in store for me...I get peace of mind...thank you John"
Lady Jakki Stevenson

"I have been working with John every week for the last 13 months. I find John to be a complete professional who obviously cares and has empathy. He has listened to me continually, and has helped me pinpoint my current issues and together, we are constantly finding positive solutions. Thank you for your continual support John."
Kentucky, USA

"Thank you John for your guidance and support through changing and challenging times. You have been an uplifting and guiding star for me with your mediumship and down to earth guidance. May God bless you and your family".

Lots of Love.
Alison xx

"I have worked with John for the past 5 years concentrating on aspects of NLP training within a corporate environment. John's professional approach, discretion and significant experience have proved invaluable for both myself and my employer.

I have no hesitation in recommending John, who will support you throughout your challenges and opportunities delivering incredible results."
Henrietta Palmer
HR Director

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