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Regain your positivity with Confidential Counselling from John Hook

Counselling is a confidential helping relationship, where you can talk about the problems and emotional difficulties youre facing in your life.

Importantly, a Counsellor will really listen to you. Listening sounds simple but good listening isn't quite as easy as it sounds.

How easy is it to find someone who really listens to your problems and emotional difficulties?

How easy is it to find someone that you feel safe enough with to expose your closely guarded thoughts and feelings and share your hurts?

As a excellent listener I will focus on you and what you need. I will use my expertise to help you explore and work on your problems and emotional difficulties youre facing without judging you.

I'm interested in peoples life journey. In time I will get to know you and will help you find ways to help you impove working on yourself, your environment, and your relationships.

Counselling is about you getting better at living your life positively through learning techniques to make you aware of your own issues and thus working through these and finding solutions to things such as relationship diffculties and anxiety.

I work in a sensitive gentle manner always using empathy and uncondtional positive regard.

I look forward to you booking a Skype or telephone consultation.


"I have been working with John every week for the last 13 months. I find John to be a complete professional who obviously cares and has empathy. He has listened to me continually, and has helped me pinpoint my current issues and together, we are constantly finding positive solutions. Thank you for your continual support John."
Kentucky, USA

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