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28 years' of experience


CBT Therapy

Be at your psychological best at all times

My role in this position is to identify possible psychological problems that a human being can be faced with, which prevents them living a rich, healthy and successful happy life.

CBT involves building trust, using communication skills and understanding how an individual's mind works. I have experience of working with individual's who have encountered anxiety and/or depression, unhealthy thinking or thinking errors.

I work within the Cognitve Behavioural framework to investigate a client's cognitive state. Dissecting and pinpointing negative mental processes, and using Cognitive interventions or behavioural interventions to find new ways for the client to observe planet earth, other people, it's work forces and themselves.

The objective of CBT is to create a balanced happy mind and I will not stop until I have achieved this for a client.

CBT is becoming a worldwide phenomena and in my opinion is the greatest talking therapy.

I look forward to you booking a consultation.


"Thank you John for your guidance and support through changing and challenging times. You have been an uplifting and guiding star for me with your mediumship and down to earth guidance. May God bless you and your family".

Lots of Love.
Alison xx

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