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A message from John Hook, Psychic Consultant:

Hi, and welcome to my official website. Please allow me to take you into the world of Psychic Mediumship, Phenomena and Clairvoyance.

I am an International Psychic Consultant with the ability to perform spiritual readings either by phone or in person.

I have 23 years’ experience of guiding others into a world of success and happiness both internationally as well as within my local communities in Manchester, West Yorkshire and Lancashire. I have also worked with many superb organisations as a psychic medium such as The Sun Newspaper, The Daily Mirror, The Star, and have appeared on Sky TV several times offering guidance on personal issues surrounding Love, Relationships, Career, Travel, Marriage, Money, Property and many more.

Having recently ended my contract working on the website of a national celebrity psychic, I believe it is now my time to venture out and work for myself under my own label.

My real passion is helping and guiding others to achieve states of real happiness incorporating other tools such as Cognitive Therapy, NLP and Coaching to achieve states of success and and freedom in this life.

I believe that it is important for a client to feel empowered and uplifted whilst working with me so they feel like anything is possible in this life time.

Many years ago whilst at University in Manchester I felt a strong pull to attend my first spiritual church. Psychic mediums would tell me names and places that nobody knew. I was told that my path in life would be to heal, guide and bring happiness and joy into others’ lives.

I now provide psychic and spiritual readings to my clients, many of whom return time after time because my work has helped them achieve their goals.

Are you any one or more of the following:

  • A professional person who is seeking more meaning and purpose in life?
  • Currently unemployed and looking to get back into working life?
  • An inquisitive person who wants to see what the future holds?
  • Struggling with emotional difficulties or psychological problems?
  • Suffering from phobias or depression?

Whatever your situation, you will quickly benefit from my spiritual readings, and my techniques will help you achieve greatness and lead a better, fuller and happier life.

Please feel free to give me a call for a FREE 10 minute psychic medium taster session with no obligations, so you can experience my Clairaudience (hearing) and Clairsentience (Sensing) gifts.

I guarantee you will like what you hear, and the cost for a full 30 minute psychic telephone reading is just £29.99 (all currencies accepted) which I’m sure you’ll agree is extremely competitive.

I look forward to working with you.

John Hook - Manchester Psychic

Special Offer!

Full 30 Minute Psychic Telephone Reading

only £29.99

Call Now: +44 (0)751 103 7148

All Currencies Accepted
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"I have been working with John every week for the last 13 months. I find John to be a complete professional who obviously cares and has empathy. He has listened to me continually, and has helped me pinpoint my current issues and together, we are constantly finding positive solutions. Thank you for your continual support John."

Kentucky, USA

Previously John has worked for..

The Sun The Daily Mirror The Daily Star



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